LetCo Homes Letting Services

LetCo Homes offers a choice of landlord services:

LetCo 100% Letting

LetCo 5 Star Fully Managed

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LetCo Property Management

By managing your property, LetCo can reduce the demands placed upon you as a landlord.

Providing 24/7 access to the LetCo team enhances the tenant experience, encouraging extended letting relationships and reducing costs.


Issues can be resolved in a timely manner.

Repairs undertaken quickly and efficiently by approved contractors at preferential rates.

Statutory examinations and surveys will be undertaken and the subsequent certification obtained ensuring total compliance.

Prompt rent collection and payment to you with summary income and expenditure statements provided at no extra cost.

Regular inspection of your property limits the potential for damage and abuse protecting your asset and your income.

LetCo Property Portfolio Management

Property purchase is still regarded as one of the best long-term investments in terms of lower-risk and consistent yield.

LetCo Homes’ property portfolio management service assists landlords in gaining optimized returns in terms of rental income and capital growth.

The knowledge and expertise offered by LetCo Homes has proven invaluable to investors throughout the South.

Areas of Expertise:

Property lettings

Property acquisition

Property sales

In-depth local Knowledge




Tax advice

LetCo Investor Link

LetCo Homes has worked hard to establish progressive relationships with landlords throughout the central South, providing advice and assistance whilst managing their portfolios.

For this reason LetCo Homes is able to offer current and prospective landlords the opportunity to review and purchase highly successful letting properties that are made available for sale before they come to market.

In addition to exclusive access, existing tenancies can be transferred preventing void periods and ensuring uninterrupted revenue for the vendor and the purchaser.

LetCo Rental Guarantee

LetCo offers a range of highly competitive, proven rental revenue continuity policies delivering reassurance and security to landlords.

Rental income can be guaranteed regardless of whether a tenant pays or not. Furthermore, if it becomes necessary to take possession of a property due to the accumulation of arrears or similar circumstances, all legal costs associated with eviction and repossession will be reimbursed in full.

In addition, a 24 hours legal helpline makes available a specialist legal team for help and advice.

LetCo Insurance Services

LetCo Homes offers a range of highly-competitive insurance products selected for their extensive cover and value for money.

Commercial-grade insurance for the professional landlord is vital and LetCo takes pride in identifying those products that deliver outstanding performance at the right price.

LetCo Homes is advised by insurance specialist One Direct Limited.

LetCo 5 Star Fully Managed

The LetCo Fully Managed Service is unique.

Totally tailored to the specific needs of an individual landlord, the LetCo 5 Star Fully Managed service incorporates every element of the of LetCo service portfolio ensuring:

Total continuity of revenue

Statutory compliance

Optimized maintenance programming

Controlled expenditure

Fully-inclusive financial reporting.

To find out more about the LetCo 5 Star Fully Managed service for professional landlords please call LetCo on 01489 668 862.